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We are an Australian-owned and operated company under the guidance of marketing expert John Bond and is your premier destination for a diverse array of professional services. Our offerings encompass online marketing solutions for lead generation, digital transformation & cutting-edge CRM Systems for lead tracking and management, and an extensive range of promotional products tailored to nurture leads, catering to businesses of all sizes.

In the realm of promotional products, we excel in offering a wide variety of customised items to enhance your brand’s visibility and engagement. Our extensive catalogue includes promotional merchandise such as branded apparel, corporate gifts, event giveaways, and more, all designed to leave a lasting impression on your target audience.

Established in 2009, our journey has been marked by the dynamic landscape of marketing. Through years of experience, we have acquired extensive knowledge, distinguishing effective strategies from ineffective ones. Our commitment revolves around delivering holistic marketing solutions, allowing you to concentrate on your core competencies.

Our proficient team comprises specialists in various fields, proficiently wielding the entire marketing toolkit to furnish our clients with a comprehensive one-stop-shop experience. We further extend our expertise through consultation services, crafting personalised strategies aligned with your requirements, budget, and preferred payment schedule.

Visual Marketing Australia & Web Hosting - 2009

John’s professional journey commenced in the early 90s when he entered the world of website development, primarily catering to family and friends. His immersion in the domain of digital technologies commenced in 1995, and by 2002, he had successfully transitioned into the dynamic field of Digital Marketing. Following his relocation to the Gold Coast in 2003, John became fully immersed in the local digital landscape, leveraging his extensive expertise.

In July 2009, a pivotal moment in his career occurred as John founded VMA, a milestone that marked the culmination of his long-standing experience and expertise in the digital domain. This significant step underscored his commitment to delivering exceptional digital solutions and services.

Consulting - 2012

John boasts decades of sales and marketing expertise, having held leadership positions in multimillion-dollar companies in sales, operations, and general management. His extensive experience provides him with a profound understanding of all facets of business management. John is highly focused on systemisation, exemplified by his development of over 300 systems and procedures exclusively for Visual Marketing.

CRM Systems - 2017

With a strong track record of utilising Zoho CRM since 2009 and consistently delivering exceptional lead generation results for our clients, we identified a growing demand to elevate our clients’ lead management capabilities. This recognition spurred us to take the proactive step of becoming an Authorised Consulting Partner with Zoho CRM, underscoring our unwavering dedication to furnishing cutting-edge and efficient lead management solutions. Our journey towards offering the most effective and streamlined lead management services has only just begun.

VMA Promotional Products - 2019

The inception of VMA Promotional Products marks our origin, driven by the challenges we encountered while seeking cost-effective, high-quality products for our marketing agency. These experiences, coupled with the disappointments and frustrations we faced, compelled us to recognise a distinct opportunity and a market void in the realm of premium promotional merchandise and branded corporate gifts. Our aim was to provide businesses with a solution that not only delivered superior quality but also offered cost savings.

VMA Graphic Design & Print - 2021

While we have consistently provided graphic design services to our clientele, primarily for purposes such as logo creation and web design, we are now pleased to formally introduce this as a standalone offering. Leveraging our extensive expertise in print media, acquired over four decades within the printing industry, we recognised a natural progression toward offering top-tier graphic design and print services to a broader audience seeking high-quality and professional solutions.

VM Group - 2023

VM Group boasts a formidable professional team led by John, who founded Visual Marketing Australia in 2019. Throughout his entrepreneurial journey, John recognised the pivotal role of providing comprehensive, relationship-driven, professional, and loyal services as the cornerstone of effective customer engagement and assistance. Driven by a deep passion for his career, VM Group has evolved into an embodiment of these principles.

Regardless of whether you are unsure about taking your initial business steps or seeking advanced solutions, VM Group offers an all-encompassing suite of services. From consulting and management to design, branding, hosting, and strategic marketing, we provide the essential support your business requires.

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